ThinkCentre E73 MT-E

دسکتابی قدرتمند، امن، و جمع و جور!

چه در خانه‌تان کار می‌کنید و چه یک شرکت کوچک راه انداخته‌اید، مدل ThinkCentre E73 MT، تعادل بی‌نظیری از کارایی و محافظت از کارهای شما را بعهده خواهد گرفت. از پردازش خارق‌العاده و ذخیره‌سازی سریعش گرفته، تا امنیت بیشتر و کاهش استفاده انرژی، E73 به شما کمک خواهد کرد تا تغییر را در کسب و کارتان احساس کنید.

جهت استعلام دقیق موجودی تماس بگیرید. دسته:

4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

With 10% more processing power, 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver the performance to increase business productivity for your business. They can also guard against identity theft and ensure safe access to your network with built-in security features.

3.5” Solid State Hybrid Drives

Gain faster data access and up to 10% better performance with the industry-first 3.5” solid state hybrid drives.

Optimized Data and Hardware Security

Keep your business-critical information safe through USB port disablement and the password-protected BIOS and HDD. You can also safeguard your hardware by physically securing your mouse and keyboard, while the Kensington slot enables you to lock down your E73.

Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient

Lenovo Desktop Power Manager lets you balance power management and performance to save energy and lower costs. The E73 is also ENERGY STAR compliant, EPEAT® Gold and Cisco EnergyWise™ certified—so you can feel good about the planet and your bottom line.

Faster Data Transfer

With SuperSpeed USB 3.0, transfer data up to 10 times faster than previous USB technologies. You can also connect to audio- and video-related devices with WiFi and Bluetooth® technology.

Enhanced Graphics

Enjoy rich screen resolution and vivid graphics with NVIDIA® or AMD Radeon™ discrete 3D graphics cards.

Extensive Storage

With up to 2TB in HDD storage, the ThinkCentre E73 has more than enough room for your files, photos, documents, and media.

Advanced Technical Support

You demand a lot from your system and Lenovo Services is here to help you stay productive. By-pass basic troubleshooting support with direct access to advanced level technicians to resolve issues quickly.

ارجاع به لیست قیمت

اگر تمایل به دریافت لیست قیمت کلیه‌ی محصولات دارید، روی دکمه‌ی روبرو کلیک کنید.