KT Tape Pro X

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Kt tape  چیست؟

Kt tape یک نوار فیتنس و ورزشی است که برای نگهداری و حفظ و کاهش درد عضله، رباط و تاندون طراحی شده است.

Kt tape برای کیست؟

اگر شما برای شرکت در اولین دو ماراتن تمرین می کنید، یا برای مسابقه بعدی خود آماده می شوید، یا در حال تمرین برای رسیدن به اهداف خود هستید یا ورزش روزانه خود را انجام میدهید، حتما می دانید که هیچ چیز مقل درد یا آسیب دیدگی شما را از تمرین باز نمیدارد.

Kt tape سبک و راحت است و برای آسیب دیدگی های رایج مانند کمر درد، زانو درد، آسیب دیدگی ساق پا، آسیب دیدگی مچ دست، آرنج و دیگر اعضای بدن استفاده میشود.

Kt tape نه تنها ظاهر زیبایی دارد، بلکه کاهش درد 24 ساعته هنگام عرق کردن، کشش و در هوای مرطوب را ایجاد می کند که حتی می توان در آب تیز از آن اسفاده کرد.

طراحی شده برای کاهش درد و حفظ عضلات:

Kt tape بر روی عضله، تاندون و رباط چسبانده می شود که یک محافظ سبک برای عضله و تاندون و رباط باشد که هنگام ریکاوری آسیب دیدگی بتوانید به تمرین خود ادامه دهید.


KT TAPE PRO X™ is a kinesiology patch specially designed to provide targeted relief for muscle pain, overuse injuries, and tendon-related pain and injuries. KT TAPE PRO X patches were developed for the on-the-go, active consumer who appreciates a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t want to be slowed down by pain or complex taping applications. KT TAPE PRO X will stay in place through multiple demanding workouts for up to 3-5 days.

Each box comes with 15 precut X patches. One hard plastic carrying case will help keep your patches in good shape in your gym bag or purse. One Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions on the most common injuries is included as well.


KT TAPE PRO X™ is engineered to perform in the harshest environments, to last up to 3-5 days, through multiple runs, daily showers, in humidity, cold or in the pool. It features a patented adhesive that will go as long as you do, and no offense–probably longer.


KT TAPE PRO X can be worn comfortably in the shower, in the pool, or while riding big waves at Big Sur. You triathletes, swimmers, surfers, and sailors are sure to appreciate it. Synthetic microfibers are fast drying and provide superior weight-to-strength ratios. These fibers are also naturally anti-microbial which allow for comfortable extended wear.


KT TAPE PRO X patches are ready to apply right out of the box. PRO X patches have rounded corners which help to prevent the corners from snagging on things or the edges fraying. Each case contains 15 precut patches.


KT TAPE PRO X comes in a permanent carrying case. It’s great for the gym bag and hundreds of other useful things. Use it for everything from training gear to good luck charms.


KT TAPE PRO X uses an acrylic based, medical grade adhesive that is gentle on skin..

  • ۱۵ Patches
  • ۱ Case
  • ۱ Quick Start Guide


  • ۱۰۰% Synthetic microfibers for better aquatic performance
  • Easy to use X marks the spot
  • Provides targeted pain relief
  • For muscle pains, overuse injuries and more
  • Precut X patches for easy handling
  • Includes protective travel case
  • Latex free for sensitive skin
  • Step-by-step instructions for applying
  • Includes 15 precut patches per case


One of the great things about KT TAPE is that it’s easy to apply even for first timers. Follow the step-by-step instructions (video or print), apply and you are ready to go. If you have a special condition or have any trouble, we have you covered too.

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